Thomas King

Hitman | Fort Jefferson

Hitman Fort Jefferson Level | Personal Project

This level take inspiration from Fort Jefferson and uses a large pentagon fortress as the location for the target inside. It allows for 3 alternate routes to this main area depending on the players play style.

Personal Project 2
Development Time (Still in production) - 2 Hours

Project Overview

Design Responsibilities

  • Research how to create linear narrative in an open sandbox style level

  • Create a functional paper prototype in Photoshop (instead of in my workbook)

  • Create 3 different routes for the player to attack the target from

  • Include 3+ different AI types all with set purposes

  • Create pathing through environmental lighting and fog design

  • Use research techniques of informing and guiding player (Read Level Design section for details)

Development Information

Project :
Hitman | Fort Jefferson

Genre :
3rd Person Stealth

Team Composition:
1 Designer (Just Me)

Engine :
Unreal Engine 4

Level Design

Design Goals

  • Create a well defined paper map for the level in Photoshop

  • Learn how to create linear pathing within a sandbox style game

    • Creating an optional 3 route system

    • e my skills using environmental effects to lead the player

    • Apply some recent discoveries about level design techniques related to player guidance

  • Learn how to create a simple AI that will have patrol points

  • Refine my skills using UE4’s landscaping tools

  • Create 3 different types of AI, each having a necessity for being there

To be added once project is completed

High Level Layout Composition

Hitman Compostion Layout.png

As you can see from the high level layout the current set up for my design is that the player automatically gets introduce to the combat mechanic so they are have at least one option to use.

It then allows them to choose one of the three routes and places the two next options for the player to use, depending on what route they’ve taken, after the decision is made. All three routes then require an action point from the tool and route they’ve chosen to use which then will allow them top reach to the targets location.

I’ve not offered any crossover points for the routes because firstly the size of map will not be very large and I want to create distinct and fun enough gameplay experience within each route so crossover isn’t necessary.

Map Layout

To be added once project is completed

The Why’s

| Why did I choose to do this as a personal project?

I wanted to test myself and try to create a non linear map that had the potential to lead the player in a linear fashion in 3 potentially different ways. I have tried this style of gamely before in ‘A New Tomorrow’ and wanted to how my knowledge of level design had progressed. I also think the level design behind the latest Hitman titles is fantastic and wanted to have a go at it myself!

| Why did I base the map of Fort Jefferson?

I knew I wanted to base the map around a military style base so when I did research into military bases I came across Fort Jefferson. I thought the small island surrounding the hexagonal fortress could create interesting gameplay because it could involve infiltration through various paths and channels whilst sitting the target in the center.

| Why did I choose to create 3 linear routes within the sandbox map?

Because I wanted to use a small contained map size, I thought using 3 alternate route options; combat orientated, vehicle orientated and disguise orientated within the same map would challenge me and lead to a really fun map to play.

| Why did I choose to have 3 different AI types and use spotters in set locations?

Because Im creating a Hitman level I wanted to use a similar style gameplay loop of: take down person, steal disguise, avoid detection, repeat for new restricted zone. Then, because I had designed a relatively small map of 3 sections I thought having 3 corresponding enemy types sits thematically in the world and should work nicely with gameplay.

More to be added once the project is completed

Project Postmortem

To be added once project is completed